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The most practical promotional product and definitely the World’s Best Sticky Roller. Get noticed and stay noticed with a product that will be used every day (rather than collecting dust on a desk!)

This Best Selling and Award Winning Roller has 7.5 metres of extremely sticky paper on one roll, it removes fluff, lint, pet hairs and lots more from most surfaces like nothing else can! The ideal product to put your brand on – we are the only company that prints throughout the entire roll and with up to 3 different messages. Your brand will be seen over and over again!

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The Worlds Best Sticky Roller with YOUR name on it!

There's so much to say about these brilliant Rollers which can be tailored to your brand and requirements. Contact me, Graham, to find out why they are the ideal Promotional Product for YOU!
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Recommended by The Good Housekeeping Institute showing that this is a quality product

You won't find this anywhere else – nobody else prints your messages throughout the entire roll of paper. It's completely unique to Caraselle, a customer favourite and our Best Selling product

Promote your Dry Cleaners and the product you sell at the same time!

Get exactly what you want! Choose from 7 colours of handle, plain paper with branded wrapper only or up to 3 different messages repeated throughout the roll

Why Do People Love Them?

They were recommended by The Good Housekeeping Institute for good reason! They are of extremely high quality with a slide-on protective cover and, unlike many Lint Rollers, the handle includes a spindle which does the rolling for you... resulting in a smooth, quick and very easy rolling action.

Very, very long (7.5 metres) and incredibly sticky paper for picking up hair off jackets, pet hair in the home, broken glass, mud, lint, fluff and lots, lots more. Ideal for travel, in the car and in the home – and remember wherever it goes your name goes too!

promo rollers
promotional rollers

You'll Be In Good Company!

This is such a unique and bespoke Promotional Product which has already received success from companies such as:
* Blue Dragon
* Columbine
* Hugo Boss
* Jeeves
* Johnsons
* Marks & Spencer
* The Dogs Trust

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“There are lots of promotional items to choose from, but you'll find it hard to get one so versatile, useful and unique!

caraselleWith over 600 Reviews we know customers love them, contact me to find out why you'll love them too!” Graham Warren

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