Graham's Checklist

  1. Stand on the other side of your street. How does your shop look compared to those around you?
  2. Do you have an uncluttered view into the front of your shop?
  3. Is your shop neat, tidy & inviting to the customer?
  4. Front windows clean?
  5. Clear signage?
  6. Floor/carpet cleaned every day?
  7. Good lighting?
  8. Testimonials clearly visible?
  9. Do you display clear helpful prices for all your services?
  10. Retail displays fully stocked, well presented & dust free?
  11. Are your staff in uniform?
  12. Do your staff wear name badges?
  13. Are staff behind the counter warm, bubbly & confident? They are representing your brand name
  14. Are they also bright, bubbly & helpful when answering the telephone to your customers?
  15. Do you provide any seating for customers in the front of your shop?
  16. Do you provide a drinks vending machine in the front of your shop?
  17. Do you have well presented toilets – just in case one of your customers needed to use the facilities?
  18. Would you take customers through your shop?
  19. Are you running EPoS tills? If so are you printing promotional messages on your till receipts?
  20. Do you offer compliment slips &/or business cards on the counter for your customers?
  21. Do you offer useful informative leaflets to your customers?
  22. Do you offer a collection/delivery service?
  23. Is your delivery van always clean, well presented with your logo & contact details? It’s your advert to the public
  24. If you are a Guild Member are you clearly showing their logo & telling customers what it means?
  25. Are your staff asking for referrals all the time?

Customer Services