Acana Carpet Moth Trap

carpet moth trap

A brand new addition to our Best-Selling Acana Moth Killer Range, the Carpet Moth Trap is designed to act as a 'First Alert' to Carpet Moths and Beetles.

Easy to use and discreet, each sticky board has a TIMESTRIP Visual End of Life Inidicator and lasts for 8 weeks. It fits under sofas, and neatly against skirting boards to monitor the level of Carpet Moth Infestation in the room.

Advanced pheromone technology attracts them to the unit, trapping them on the Sticky Board to provide immediate and visual evidence of an infestation with NO HARSH CHEMICALS! Safe for all creatures - apart from moths and beetles!

Designed to initially act as a "first alert" of an infestation, it is then used to monitor the effectiveness of the Moth Killing Treatments being used to deal with the infestation. It's the perfect upsell with the already Best Selling Acana Carpet and Fabric Moth Killer Spray which acts as the killer treatment for adult carpet moths, eggs and larvae. The Carpet Moth Trap and Moth Killer Spray provide a complete Carpet Moth Package when used together. The slimline case fits easily under sofas, furniture or neatly against skirting boards (attaching it using small double sided sticky pad provided) to monitor carpeted areas or other high risk items. If Moths are seen on the Trap it's acts as a reminder to respray the Moth Killer Spray, which is why they are perfect upsells!

The large 100sq cm surface area of the Sticky Board ensure effective trapping of any carpet moths or beetles present. Replace Sticky Board & End of Life Indicator when TIMESTRIP indicator reaches the Red Zone - after 8 weeks. 

Unit is 17cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)

Weight: 0.090 kg


Remember the upsell from Moth Killers and Deterrents is huge. Specialist Moth products, plus Garment Covers and Storage Bags to further protect clothing means Customers will be coming back for more so don't be the only Dry Cleaner who doesn't have the products they are looking for!

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