Deo-Go Deodorant Stain Remover

anti static spray

Rescue shirts and blouses!

Featured in the October issue of LAUNDRY & CLEANING TODAY "Every home should have one"

Deo-Go is a revolutionary stain remover. It has been specifically formulated to remove hardened built-up stains which appear on the armpits of clothing, restoring your clothes to their original appearance. There is no other product available, which can make these claims, or tackle this type of stain, making Deo-Go totally unique!

Deo-Go deodorant stain remover has been tested extensively on different garments & fabrics, many with extreme staining, and has always been successful in restoring them to their original condition. Deo-Go's active ingredients target the antiperspirant or deodorant residue build-up, dissolving and completely removing stains and stiff patches, restoring the garment's original appearance.

What a brilliant extra service this could be to offer to customers looking for a problem to underarm deodorant stains!

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