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Moth Book

If you or your staff haven't read What's Eating You you are missing out on a great sales opportunity! A war between your Customers and Moths is taking place across the country and only by having information and products to hand will you benefit from this growth in the population of Clothes Moths. By becoming an authority on Moths you will boost your sales and benefit from repeat business...

"The Moth Manual should be read by drycleaners to increase awareness of causes and remedies of moth damage - increasing your ability to sell core products - after all everyone loves an expert!"
September edition of Laundry and Cleaning Today

Don't spend any more time in the dark, educate yourself and your staff by applying for your FREE copy of What's Eating You the Ultimate Guide to Moths. Simply fill in your details and we will send you a FREE copy of What's Eating You. By giving you this book you and your staff can become better educated to explain how your customers can get rid of Moths and why they should purchase your Moth Deterrents. Remember What's Eating You is exclusive to Caraselle, your customers won't have been given information such as this and by raising your game you will be providing them with the help they want but aren't getting anywhere else.

Not only that, the upsell from Moth Deterrents is huge. Specialist Deterrents for Food, Carpet and Clothes Moths, plus Garment Covers and Storage Bags to further protect clothing means Customers will be coming back for more. Our war on Moths caught the eye of the LCT Editor who summed it up when she said...

"My favourite news item is the continued war on moths being waged by Caraselle. Warmer winters and warmer buildings mean that moth infestations are on the rise. So as people are putting summer clothing away, it might be timely to remind them to stock up on anti-moth-weapons"
September edition of Laundry and Cleaning Today

Once you've got the attention of your Customer you will want effective and exclusive products to direct them to. The Best Selling Range of Acana Moth Killers has just got bigger with Airing Cupboard Moth Killer & Freshener and Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer & Freshener Spray.  They are invaluable tools in the fight against Moths that Customers are looking for. Remember Moth Killers are big business! At Caraselle we hold the exclusive position of stocking these HSE Accredited Moth Killer products.

We're giving you the ammunition to more than double your sales... become an expert on Moths with this brand new book by applying for your FREE copy of What's Eating You the Ultimate Guide to Moths. Don't be the only Dry Cleaner left in the dark!


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